Imani Williams


Hey Guys!

My name is Imani Williams, you can call me Mani. Born and raised in New Jersey. I am a graduate of Dwight Morrow High School Academies Englewood c/o 2015. Then I completed my freshmen year of college at Seton Hall University, later transferred to East Carolina University where I major in Public Health Studies. Although I didn't play collegiate sports, I've been a competitive track runner since the age of ten, breaking my school record in the long jump in high school. I also played volleyball and danced all throughout high school. In my spare time I enjoy dancing, shopping, and watching the Dallas Cowboys be the best team in the NFC East 😊. 


November 14, 2017

Growing up I often was asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?” or “What college do you plan on going to?” I’ve always had a plan of what I wanted to be and exactly how I was going to execute my plan. When it comes to planning the future I love having a plan and knowing where i’m headed. I learned that life is not setup to be exactly the way you plan, and a long this journey of life comes rejection.

I just knew from an early age I wanted to become a Nurse and save lives everyday for a living. I was going to go to the best nursing schools, graduate in four years and live my best life. After finishing my first year at Seton Hall University I decided a change of scenery was needed, I wanted...

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