Who are we?

Writing is one of the most beautiful forms of expression we use. Although all of us at one point or another have written articles, essays, think pieces for one reason or another they unfortunately don't get the exposure they should. You could write an incredible piece of writing that flows directly from the tip of your pen or from your fingertips on the keyboard and is never seen by anyone else. it could be an amazing paper you handed into class and is just sitting in your documents folder on your desktop. unless you work for a publication where would you put it to reach the masses? Look no further. We are here to not only bring you amazing content from our featured writers here at AAC. we also will give YOU the microphone and you the stage to showcase the ability and power you, yourself may have never been able to portray.  

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Like to write?

We would love to check out what you created. Shoot us some info and we will review your content for posting!

Want to become a contributor?

We are always looking for freelance writers either looking to have their work seen or just a space to share it. We encourage you to reach out and show us what you got!