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The goal of the Rise Up foundation is to encourage everyone to RISE above the evil and sin in this world and be a positive shining light in the lives of others. The power of a single impact, or even a single smile, can go a long way in today’s world. Smile at the person who looks like they had a bad day, give a hug to the friend who is lost, give a shoulder to lean on to your neighbor, give the homeless man on the street your coat when its cold out, appreciate the life you were given and realize that many people are far worse off than you, and most of all, RISE against the hatred we all experience by impacting those around you in a positive way.


R- Respect- Respect yourself, respect your family, respect your life. What is respect? Respect is having a deep admiration for something because of its qualities. Carry yourself in a way that encourages others to love their life and respect their life as much as you.


I- Inspire- Inspire everyone around you, inspire others to dream, inspire others to believe, inspire others to be the best person they can be. Without inspiration, dreams don’t come true, we all need that fire burning in our heart full of inspiration to reach our goals.


S- Strive- Strive for the sky. Don’t ever set limitations on yourself or anyone around you. The greatest gift we were given in life was life itself, and the ability to dream, and the ability to strive for whatever we want. Strive, and don’t ever look back.


E-Empathize- Empathize with the world. We all have a story. The lady you can’t stand at work, she has a story, realize that, try listening, don’t be judgmental, and understand that you have a story yourself. We all go through battles and wars in our life, and if we could all understand that, and be there for one another in times of hardship, it would make all the difference.

U-Utilize- Utilize the gifts that our god gave us. Utilize the people around you, the legs you were given, the mouth that can speak, the arms on your body, the ability to hear and speak, because not everyone is lucky enough to have all these things. Utilize the gifts you were given, each of us have our own unique gifts, and then use them to the best of your ability.

P-Purpose- Purpose. Have a purpose in your life. Everything you do and say, have a purpose. Without a purpose, we are just here. We all have our very own purpose in life, and I encourage you to find your purpose. What makes you happy, what are you good at, what makes your life have meaning, do that. Not only do that but do it with a purpose and vision in mind. My purpose is to use the platform and gifts god gave me to positively impact those around me in this world every day. What is yours?

The ultimate goal for me with this foundation is to motivate people through my words and actions, through my stories, and through my relationships. At some point, I want to be able to raise money to put on camps for kids with cancer, camps for special needs people, and even speaking events for people needing motivation and inspiration in their life. The motivational videos will be continuous and will be the core of this journey, and I hope the Rise Up foundation can expand as time goes on.

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