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#CalcKnowledge Weekly Words of Wisdom 2

October 18, 2017


Why won't you better your surroundings if you really want to be great? That's what I was always asked. The question never made any sense to me at first. As a child, would you pay anyone attention who is basically telling you to leave your friends because you want to be "great"? I know the average kid would totally ignore that and go along with their day. However, as life went on I came to realize that expanding your surroundings is key in elevating your mind. The saying never meant leave your friends and get new friends. The saying simply means if your friends are content in being average, how can you expect to be great? If your friends can't understand that then you have to question whether they're really your "friend". I knew I wanted to be great so I eventually had to better my surroundings to give me better tunnel vision to achieve my ultimate goal.  #Calcknowledge

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