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18 Things To My 18 Year Old Self

October 25, 2017

As I sit here wondering how in the heck I am a senior in college, planning out
my future, I find myself wishing I could start over my college experience all over
again. I don’t say that because I have regrets (which I absolutely do) but because
Virginia Tech has brought me so much happiness over the years, that I would do
anything to do my last 4 years all over again. The saying “college is the best 4 years
of your life” has been 100% accurate for me. But, when I look back, I realize the
times where I was just a 18-year- old, naïve freshman, girl and wish I knew then,
what I know now.


Dear freshman year self,


1. Your friendships from high school that you thought, “would last forever”
won’t. As time apart grows, and you mature on your own as an individual,
you won’t text them every single day anymore, you won’t keep them posted
on that boy you pass at 1:23 PM every Tuesday, Thursday on the drill field,
you won’t call them to hear all about their lives. AND THAT IS OKAY.
Reunions at home will be special, but no friends will compare to the ones you
make at Virginia Tech.


2. You will get crazy home sick. Just when you thought you were so excited to

get away from mom and dad, finally get away from your strict curfew, chores,
and punishment; you’re gonna miss those people like crazy. Nothing in
college will cure you like a big hug from your Mama will. Never take
advantage of the parents you have, they’re some of the greatest.


3. Never be afraid to express your faith. You are different for a reason, and
Jesus did not put you on this Earth to be boring, normal, or average.


4. Don’t let people walk all over you. Stand up for yourself; be bold. Don’t care
about what other people think about you, care only about what the Lord
thinks of you.


5. Don’t skip class. It is better to be there and be half asleep, then to skip it


6. Don’t fall for the boy who shows you attention. Don’t fall for the boy who
likes the way you look in your new skirt, but fall for the boy who is infatuated
with your heart, and wants to know more about why it is, the way that it is.


7. Make friends with the people you sit next to in class, they will come in handy.


8. Be prepared for heartbreak. Not just from boys, but from the world. Nothing
in this world will satisfy you or fill you. That alone, comes from Jesus.


9. Just because everyone else is doing it, NEVER means you should.


10. Stay out of the drama, if something comes up, address it and fix it
immediately. Nothing is worth the friendships you will make.


11. Write. Write down your memories, remember special dates, put on paper
how you feel about different things, what you’re struggling with, what makes
you happy. Write everything down because this is how you will learn from
your past (and make fun of yourself).


12. Tell mom EVERYTHING. Life is so much more fun when there are no secrets.


13. Make good Christian friends. Friends who will keep you accountable,
challenge you, and lead you to make good decisions. Friends who will point
you closer and bring you closer to Christ.


14. Don’t study too hard (what?). Go have fun. Never deny an invitation to just
drive around with the windows down, screaming your favorite song lyrics
from 8 th grade out the window with your best friends. You are never going to
remember the biology exam you got a D on.


15. Start the dance party. Turn the music up louder and make the most of the
moment you are living in.


16. Never forget how blessed you are. That there are people in the world who
would kill to be where you are. Thank God each and every single day for the
good and the bad He has placed in your life.


17. There isn’t any reason to worry. The future is good and your God is GREAT.
He has a beautiful big plan for you and absolutely loves to bless you!


18. Being a Hokie is the greatest thing that will happen to you. Be sweet to
everyone, and be ready to make the greatest of memories you will hold onto
for forever, with the greatest group of friends.



Love always,

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