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Momma Mitchell Monday Week 1

November 13, 2017

On the Road, Again!     


This weekend we went to visit some family about 4 hours away in South Carolina. I think I get more anxiety leading up to a road trip with a baby than I use to get before I went up to bat in the bottom of the 7th inning with bases loaded. Asking myself questions like, did I forget anything? When should we leave so Mason’s sleep and eat schedule isn’t affected? Will he sleep the whole time in the car? What if he sleeps the whole car ride, will he sleep during the night? What toys will keep him occupied? What happens when my husband needs direction from my phone but Mason NEEDS Mickey Mouse on my phone at the same time? 


Mason has been a great traveler since the very beginning. Honestly, he doesn’t really have a choice. My husband and I are always on the go and having a baby never slowed us down. From trips to Richmond to visit my parents when Mason was just a month old, to an 8 hour car ride to Indiana for a bridal shower at three months old and then two summer vacations, one with Daniel’s side of the family to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and the other to visit my side of the family in Indiana. The boy has gotten his fair share of car time, and with the holidays approaching there are a lot of long road trips in our near future.


Though he does great in the car, he isn’t the best sleeper when we go out of town. The three teeth he has so far, all have cut through while we have been out of town. For those of you who haven’t experienced babies cutting teeth, consider this your warning, it’s not enjoyable! When Mason is cutting a tooth he gets all the symptoms; drool, diarrhea, fever, up all night, etc. However, it’s part of it so we just embrace the middle of the night cuddles and slobbery kisses. 


I love going places to visit family even if it means long car rides and staying up all night with the baby. To me time with family is well worth it. I am all about making memories and if that means traveling 8 hours for a two day trip then I say load up the car and let’s get on the road. 


This weekend my husband and I are heading to Birmingham, Alabama to watch our best friend get married. This time we are sitting Mason out and leaving him with my parents. Check back next week for my experience on being away from Mason for 4 whole days (holding back tears)!










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