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Why Virginia Tech

November 20, 2017

“Why have you decided to go to Virginia Tech?”


I was asked that all throughout the college picking process in high school, and still do today.  I couldn’t say that I chose the school because of their insane lacrosse program, because that was not the case when I was in high school.  When I was playing lacrosse in high school and looking at different division 1 options, Virginia Tech women’s lacrosse was not even on anyone’s radar, they were a team that was considered the “ACC underdog that hasn’t won an ACC game in like 10 years”. So I absolutely cannot say I chose Virginia Tech for their lacrosse program.


Honestly, Virginia Tech was a school that I had no interest in at all.  I come from a huge family, so finding independence was tough when you are always with your siblings.  When I was going through the college decision-making process/ lacrosse-recruiting process, all I knew was that I did not want to go anywhere that any of my siblings had gone to, that left out Liberty University, Rutgers University, and Virginia Tech.  I wanted my own bumper sticker on the back of mom’s car, I wanted my own school colors, and I wanted my own logo on dads baseball cap.  As I sent out e-mails to various coaches asking them to come watch me play, my mom pushed and pushed that I send one to Virginia Tech; I tried to explain to her that I would never go there because I simply was not interested. 


Sure enough Virginia Tech reached out, and continued to reach out and show interest, enough interest that I was invited to visit the campus and meet the team.  Before I could even consider it, the car was packed and mom was excited!  I had never been to Virginia Tech before; all I knew was that my older sister, Kellen went there; so I was not thrilled since it broke my #1 rule.


After the quick flight from Philly to Roanoke, I was ready for my first weekend as a Hokie.  It was the second I walked onto the campus that I knew that this school was for me.  Although the lacrosse program wasn’t incredible (AT THE TIME… WE ROCK NOW) there was so much more to the school that made me believe that I would be an idiot to shut down this opportunity.  Safe to say that when my mom asked me all about my trip, I was a little salty when I had to tell her how much I loved it.


It’s not just the insanely beautiful campus, or the drill field, or 20,000 screaming fans jumping up and down in lane stadium, it’s not just the prestigious academic life, or the intense athletics of the ACC.  It’s the Hokie community.  Blacksburg, Virginia is so much more than just a random place on a map, Blacksburg has made me the happiest version of myself, and being a Hokie for the past 4 years has been by far my biggest blessing from God.


It’s funny how He works sometimes, how His plan is just so much greater than any plan I could draw up for myself.  All those days of shutting down my mom, and ignoring the e-mails from the Virginia Tech coach, Jesus knew what He was doing, and He knew what was best for me, and made it happen. 


The past 4 years have been the best 4 years and I am so beyond thankful for that.  Sometimes I don’t think I can even articulate the words that describe the way I feel about this cute, little, town.  Virginia Tech has given me so much more than just an awesome lacrosse career, and a highly-respected degree.  Virginia Tech has given me a family of 20,000 Hokies, memories that will last forever, my best friends in the whole world, and my happiest self.  For all these things, I thank my Creator, who will always know what is best for me, and for having this beautiful plan drawn up before I even existed.


((I’m not thankful just because Thanksgiving is next week; this is how I feel about this place every single day of the year))




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