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November 21, 2017




The Goat, a word used to describe someone as the greatest ever at their respective craft. Wayne Gretzky the greatest hockey player ever, Serena William the most celebrated tennis player ever, Michael Phelps the greatest Olympian to grace a summer games and Michael Jordan the trash talking, North Carolina Native, who could barely make a high school basketball team is currently recognized as the G.O.A.T of basketball…Or is he? On contrary to popular belief there this kid from Akron Ohio who took the basketball world by storm and after fifteen years down in the NBA we call him “The King”. That King is named LeBron James and he is our real goat of the game of basketball.


Now before you click away from this article because you may believe the man behind the keyboard is delusional just open your mind for moment. When we usually compare LeBron and Jordan we usually get stuck on the rings argument. Michael Jordan has six rings on six finals trips while, LeBron has been to eight finals and only has 3 rings to show for it. Now when considering the argument of rings neither of these men would be considered the best because Bill Russel has more NBA titles at eleven then I have Pop Warner championships. However, we all know Russel is not the best ever so we can dispel the argument of rings. 

When asking someone why Jordan is better than LeBron they will usually give you the answer that LeBron lacks the killer mentality and clutch performances. Well for starters our greatest athletes are not measured by if they are “Killers” but by numbers and championships. Allen Iverson was considered a killer but does not have championship ring to show for it and is not even in this conversation of greatest of all time, he’s a hall of fame player for sure but he is not the best to ever do it.  In terms of the clutch gene that everyone says LeBron lacks, well my Skip Bayless loving friend that is far from the truth. I will agree Jordan as some of the greatest last minute shots in NBA history which is why we love him. However, LeBron is well over 55% is success rate in the last five min of a ball game. Too add this number are greater than the that of Kobe Bryant who some believe is right behind Jordan in greatness which is far from the truth but that’s an argument for another time. 



LeBron James is the Albert Einstein of basketball and I know at this point you are ready to shut your laptop screen off but I swear the agony is almost over. LeBron James is a guy who came into the league straight of high school and has never experienced the coaching that Michael Jordan has had. There were no Phil Jacksons of the world for LeBron James a lot of it has been pure talent and IQ things that no one can teach. From high school straight to the highest level of basketball and from there to the NBA finals. This only too LeBron James just about four years of being the centerpiece of team.  No, LeBron did not win but he led a team of grown men to the NBA finals at just 22 something we may not see again for decades. People love to talk about Jordan’s finals career but fail to remind that it took almost took five or six years before Jordan could even make it to the second round of the playoffs let alone the finals. LeBron James is undefeated in the first of the finals never not advancing to the second round and to remind you he made it to the last stage of the playoffs at only 22. 


If you made it to the end of this article then I’m really impressed and I also apologize. But to conclude before I let you leave there is one last thing to include and one thing no one can deny. Before LeBron James’s career ends and he continues to have the same dominance in the NBA he will pass Jordan in points, rebounds, and assists. These are the base statistics that we recognize and LeBron will eventually eclipse Jordan in every category, however the question will still remain LeBron or Jordan?        




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