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Are you Satisfied?

November 22, 2017

Stop and think about something real quick. Are you satisfied with how things are going in your life? Are you on the path to becoming the best whatever it is you have always dreamt of becoming? Have you been set back from achieving that goal? Do you even have a clue about what you truly want to do with your life? 


Growing up with a mother that is a nurse, of course had its' influences on me. If I was sick, all I needed was my mom to know what medicine to give me. If I fell off my bike or got scraped up from playing outside, I knew she would take care of every single inch of pain I was experiencing. That knowledge seemed to be everything to me. I wanted that knowledge of knowing how to fix and maintain the human body. So, I had my future set; I was going to become a registered nurse. A trauma nurse specifically. I wanted to make a difference and felt that becoming a nurse was the best way I knew I would be happy with my career and be financially stable. 


Things in life took way and three years into college, I have switched schools and switched majors. From having to retake a class, to not getting into the program because of one letter grade difference compared to someone else, it all changed too quickly. Instead of graduating in 2018, I will be a year behind making my walk across that stage in Spring of 2019. Medical Laboratory Science; It has a certain ring to it, don't ya think? I'm still learning what career paths I can take with this major. Research? Working in a lab inside of a hospital or vetinary office? Working with a college or university? There are many different possibilities I can pursue, but how do I choose? Do I even want to do any of these things? I honestly am not sure. 


My entire life I played three sports from school ball to travel ball on the weekends and over the summer. When I was on a court or field, I was the happiest I've ever felt. In Spring of 2016, I became my old middle school's Head Softball Coach at Northside Middle School. That was one of the best experiences of my life. Being able to coach, teach, and guide age 12-14 year old girls was beyond incredible. I could relate in so many things that were going on with their lives and we all created a bond. That's the beauty of sports. It brings people together and creates a family from complete strangers in some circumstances. That's why I feel going toward a path in the medical aspect of sports may be what I'm supposed to do. If I am apart of the medical team for a college team or even at the professional level, I could still be a voice in their ear that can help guide them to becoming better human beings and athletes. 


So what is my plan now? Graduate with a Bachelors in Medical Laboratory Science and then maybe go onto pursuing a Masters in something that will add more knowledge and credibility to become apart of a college or professional team. 


This is where focus comes into play. Narrowing down what or who I need in my life and around me. What or who will be able to keep me on track and keep me sane through it all. It can all come down to one class or one specific test that determines your future. Well, that's how it seems anyway right? With going through the long transition of my major and what not, I know that it all happens for a reason. If I was supposed to be a nurse, then I would be graduating this coming spring with a BSN. That's just not the case now is it. And that's okay with me. I've came to terms with whatever my future career holds, it will happen and go exactly the way it was all meant to be. 


So, if you're feeling lost, confused, or even so terribly stressed about school and your future career, just remember it will all work out. It may take you in a different path to get there, but at the end of the day, you will be able to become that future person in the line of work you've always wanted; but only if you work for it. If you want something bad enough, 9 times out of 10, the hard work will pay off. If something isn't going your way, stop and think about if you're truly putting that 111% work in. Are you being an 11 or just the average 7 that only wants to ease their way through? C's get degrees, but C's don't make you happy once you get out in the real world with that piece of paper. Do what you truly want to do with your life and career. Don't settle and don't chase a dream of becoming something you think is cool or what your parents want you to be, or even just because the paycheck is nice. 


So stop and ask yourself, are you satisfied with your life path right now? Think about it.





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