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Make it Your Moment

November 27, 2017


I wonder? Am I the only one? Does anyone else do this? I’m sure everyone at some point in their life has had a moment in time where they need it to stay exactly where it’s at. Even if it’s just for a few more minutes or even just seconds longer. Sometimes in that moment, it can be pure happiness, a desirable loving feeling, or even that deep sense of sadness that you just have to let out.


Think about that time when you’re alone in your house or apartment. When you’re cleaning, doing dishes, folding laundry, or maybe getting dressed to go somewhere after you get out of the shower. That one song comes on that makes you just feel alive. It kind of makes you laugh or smile right? Now if you’re a female, more than likely you’re dancing in the mirror right now while singing it. But at some point of the song, you just stop and look at yourself. You can feel anything in that moment, most of the time it’s a sort of joy that you can’t explain. So much so that you probably have to replay the song again. You’ll probably laugh at yourself because you think you’re so corny that you even became so into that song. Even the time when you’re riding down the street, singing so loud that you need the song on full blast. Probably not until midway or near the end of the song do you sort of come back to reality? You might laugh at yourself, or even just smile and keep singing. Why not let it happen?


Growing up with a pool in my backyard was always so convenient to have. I know everyone loves night swimming, am I right? For me, it was the times I would go outside and get in by myself. That time when you’re floating on top of the water just looking up at the stars in the sky. It’s such a calm feeling, having my entire body numb and having my ears under the water creates this type of silence that makes you not think about anything else just for a second. It’s a dead silence, where you feel you can truly relax and just look up at the stars, not thinking about anything at all or maybe everything at once. It allowed me to kind of take a mini break from everything or it allowed me to focus in on all of what was running through my head. When for once, doing nothing seemed so needed. There are also times when I would get in my bathtub to do that same thing, only having my eyes closed. It’s that same dead silence, where nothing else exists when you have your head and ears underwater, so you hear nothing at all. You just want to lay there to get away from whatever is troubling your mind. It can be sad. It can seem so pathetic in a way because who really needs to lay down in a bathtub to go into their own little zone right? Why not allow that moment to exist?


Who has ever really cared about someone? Could be love, could be a strong like, or could be so close to love you just may not know it yet. You’re simply just laying down with them, not saying a word, just feeling each other’s presence, enjoying it, and touching skin to skin. It’s so comforting right? Knowing that you could be anywhere else at that moment, but you’re with that person. Knowing that they too could be anywhere else but they chose to spend that time with you. You’re lying there, and you take a second, close your eyes, take in a deep breath and let it out slowly. In that moment, you don’t want it to end. It feels so right. It feels so at home doesn’t it? Makes you not want this moment to be shared with anyone else. It make you forget about everything else going on in your life or running through your mind. It might make you look at them and smile even; they ask,” Why you smiling?” So you ask yourself, why are you smiling? Well, honestly, there isn’t a reason, it’s just because right? Just because, for once, you feel happy and for once you feel at peace. It may be because you have never experienced that feeling before, or it’s been so long since you’ve had that feeling, it feels so great to experience that again with someone. Why not allow yourself to think that moment can last forever?


All moments can’t be filled with happiness unfortunately. There is that moment of sadness that cuts so deep, and it hurts so badly, but it just has to happen. Think about that time when you’re out, you’ve been drinking, and something or someone triggers a sad memory in your head. Being under the influence, it’s hard to let that thought go. It can even be a thought that you wouldn’t dare cry about when you’re sober, but being in this state, all emotions have shifted. Sometimes you can hold something in for so long, when you finally allow yourself to talk about it and let those feelings out, it’s almost too overwhelming. It seems like the saddest part of your entire life in that moment, but you also know that it needs to happen. You know that you have to let those tears run out, you know that you have to say what’s on your mind. This moment can come unexpectedly. The same goes for driving on the road and a certain song comes on. Why does it hit me so hard? Why is this song making me start to cry? I was just laughing about something a couple minutes ago. I was just dancing and singing one of my favorite songs and now I’m crying. Again, that moment seems so pathetic right? Like why in the world am I sitting here in my car, crying over a song? Sometimes, it’s not even the song that seems sad, it can be nothing. It can just seem so sad and you have something on your mind, it all just comes out in that moment. You can’t stop it, and it may have needed to come out. If you cry so easy over small things, maybe that’s a sign that you hold in a lot of emotion about some things you may not have even made yourself aware of until that very moment. Why not let it happen?


It’s been a long night and your alarm goes off in the morning. It could have been a long night from being out late, or just a long night from not being able to fall asleep. Getting up out of your bed seems like the worst thing in the world. You want that extra five or ten minutes, but why? Does your body really need those extra few minutes? Not really. Probably not. For me, I usually woke up with someone or something on my mind, which I have to just lay there for a second to collect it all. It could be from a dream you just had, or thinking about a text you just looking at on your phone. It could be the biggest day of your life for a number of reasons. Nevertheless, it could be nothing at all. It could be that you just can’t get up because you feel so at ease when you’re lying there with your eyes closed. Everything seems so simple in that moment, lying there for those extra few minutes, it’s peaceful. It’s wonderful almost right? Knowing that you may be late from that extra five minutes you’re wasting lying there. Knowing that you’re probably going to regret it later, because those five minutes turn into twenty real quick. People can call that a certain type of depression when you can’t seem to get out of bed in the morning, but I think that everyone experiences this. Am I right? Everyone goes through this moment in time where you just need to lay there, only for a couple more moments, to yourself, to cherish it.


Moments are meant to be cherished. Even the weird, silent, and misunderstood moments. They happen. Sometimes, it’s what’s needed. Let it happen. Why not?



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