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December 6, 2017


Driving to work this past Tuesday it was a day that seemed to start off as any other.  I turned on the radio to KLove, hoping to begin my morning with a worship song.  As I sipped my morning coffee and listened to the announcers banter about black Friday shopping statistics, my mind began to wander. The noise of the radio faded into the background as thoughts that I wrestle with on a daily basis took prominence in the forefront of my mind.  You know the thoughts – I messed up….again!  I can’t do anything right…what good am I?  Did I make the right choice this time? Why on earth did I say that??? Why can’t I look like/be like/act like ___________?(I have plenty of names….you?) How do I let go of stuff from my past that I’m not so proud of? How do I give up those bad habits that I say I’m going to work on, but fail time and time again to overcome?? We all have them.  The internal dialogue that can mess with you and keep you from becoming the best version of yourself.  These thoughts come from our experiences in life, and from the people who experience life with us – the people we’re most connected and attached to.  Their words & actions, both good & bad, can deeply affect who we are, become our daily script, and stay with us for a lifetime.


That morning as those thoughts tried to take me down it was God’s words that seeped in.  It was God’s words that seeped into my heart and mind in just four words.  And I’m hoping that the four words that God poured into me that morning I can pour into yours this Christmas season. Because if I needed to hear it, then you might need to hear it too:


Let that sit for a minute.


No, they’re not words that scream Christmas cheer, but they are important words, and ones that I’ve heard a thousand times before, just in different variations. “He paid for your sin,” “He died for you,” “His blood was shed for you,” “Paid in full,” “He died on the cross for you,” and the list goes on.  But that morning, God took those four words and made them very personal.


During the Christmas season we all go to the store looking for the perfect gift to buy.  We locate that gift, sift through the shelf to find one that hasn’t been touched by anyone else (ok, maybe that’s only me😊), and buy it.  Simple enough – no one questions your purchase and you go home happy, awaiting the smiles and gratitude of the person receiving it.  But what if, instead of going into that store looking for the perfect gift, you go in looking for the most imperfect gift with the knowledge that you would have to purchase that gift at full price…no discounts, no coupons, no rebate, no returns.  And knowing that the sales clerk would most likely question your sanity, and the person receiving it wouldn’t smile, or be grateful, but instead look at you with their eyes crossed?  But what if you also knew that YOU could make it brand new?  That you could somehow fix it? Would you still buy it?  Would you still pay full price for something that you would have to repair?  I don’t think I would.  In fact, I know I wouldn’t!  (I don’t even like putting my kids toys together that have “adult assembly required” written on the box.  I dread those packages!!!!)


But, this is exactly what Jesus did for me. And for you. He went into that store, found the most broken thing He could find, picked it up off the shelf, and bought it.  And not just at the regular price, but at the highest price possible – His heavenly home, His comforts, His family, His friends…HIS LIFE.  He paid more than He ever had to, or ever should have had to. He said, “I want THAT one” as He picked you up, broken, and held you in His gentle hands.  He didn’t see you as a broken person.  He saw you as what he made you – perfect.  He saw how He could remove that which was no longer good, and add to your life something brand new – something you knew never existed inside you.  He bought you because He saw you through the eyes of your Maker, and He wants to show you exactly how you were intended to work.  ONLY Jesus can do this…nothing or no one in this world can fix your broken because they did not craft you by hand. You are not their masterpiece or work of art; you are God’s.  However, He can only begin to fix your broken if you give Him yourself and all your broken parts.  He won’t do it without your permission & willingness.  


Now, don’t do what I once thought I could do – think that I could give Him my brokenness once, or whenever I “felt” like it. No…it’s day by day that I need to be renewed by His words and my prayers.  It’s day to day admitting my brokenness, and day by day accepting His offer of mercy and grace.  And day by day living in that mercy and grace, seeing myself as the broken, sinful person I am, but at the very same time accepting His compassion & great love, thereby operating as though I am perfect. Because I am. And so are you.  To Him.  You are free to operate and work as your Maker originally intended once you accept that he bought you, wants you just as you are, and He knows how much your worth – His whole life.  


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