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When I Grow Up

December 11, 2017


It’s 9:57. I tap my fingers on my knee as I eagerly wait for my 10 a.m. interview and try to memorize the qualifications listed on my resume, in my head. I’m called into the conference room at 10:06 and sit down with my interviewer.


“So, Paige tell me. What do you want to do?” Good question, I think to myself.


When I was younger, the dream of what I was going to be when I grew up was always so far off in the distance that it seemed as if anything was possible. I’ve got plenty of time to think about that I would think.


Sure, I wanted to be a princess at age 5. At age 8, I thought professional singer sounded like a pretty good gig. At 12, the idea of being a sports broadcaster sounded like the coolest thing in the world. You mean I get to go to all those games and actually talk to the players? Check AND check. When I was 15 I thought maybe I’ll be a fashion designer. How hard can sewing be anyway? 18. When I got to college I became a Public Relations major. I loved the idea of being able to talk to people--to build relationships with companies in different industries. As I continued to follow this path, it seemed as though the tunnel to my professional career began to shrink. Those younger dreams started drifting off as humorous thoughts from a naïve mind.


As I head into my last semester of college, I can’t help but feel a bit scrambled. I am aware that all that I have done before this present moment has led me to where I am going, but I continue to question the path ahead.


Maybe when you were younger you dreamed of being a fireman, or maybe an astronaut (my math scores said ‘good try, next idea’). I can’t imagine many of us dreamt of being financial advisors or PR specialists at age 5, and maybe that is the point. It is part of the human condition to question; to question if you are doing what you were really meant to be doing, and perhaps we will never know the answer.


I believe that people feel at peace with where they are when others are able to benefit from their work. It is also my belief that each person was put on this earth to fight for a bigger cause. It’s how our world can still seem to function through the chaos that is society. We have programs and associations and nonprofits dedicated to causes you may never have even heard of. This world is full of people fighting for causes that have effected them in some way, trying to bring to light the importance of each and every one.


So maybe I won’t be a princess (thanks for nothing Megan Markle); and my chances of being the next Adele are in the negatives, but I would like to believe that someday my dream of improving the lives of others in one way or another, will come true. Aristotle once said, “Where your talents and the needs of the world cross, there lies your vocation.” So as I continue to ponder the perfect answer to my interviewer’s question, I will try to feel at peace with not knowing exactly what those vocations may be, but having faith in the alignment of my talents and what the world may need anyway.





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