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Momma Mitchell Monday Week 4

December 18, 2017

Happy 1st Birthday, Mason!

This weekend was a very special and exciting weekend for our family. Our sweet baby boy turned one! We had family and friends from all over come to celebrate with us on Saturday. We had the best time celebrating Mason. He got so many nice gifts, including a Mickey Mouse in every size sold in stores, lots of books, and lots of awesome toys to play with. The theme of the party was Mickey Mouse. I made his birthday invitations from scratch, I had a lot of mickey decorations around the house, 3 different sets of banners that had his monthly pictures on them, showing off how much he grew from month to month. I had food labels that I made that all had to do with the theme, like, Goofy’s Goldfish, Minnie’s Bow Tie Pasta, Donald’s Cheese and Quackers, etc. It was so much fun and everyone had a blast.


Mason was such a trooper. He had a rough two days, from Thursday night until about 1:00pm on Saturday he was fighting a cold and getting a top front tooth (like a said in the previous blog post, teething is NOT fun!)! The party started at 2:00pm and he powered through the pain and tiredness and had the best time. You could just tell in his eyes he was so excited to see everyone who came. He loved all of his gifts and smashed the heck out of his cake. He did a great job putting on a show with that, black and red icing everywhere. It was so cute. Thankfully he woke up Sunday morning back to his normal self, so I think we were able to avoid getting really sick.


One thing that I had everyone do, including those who couldn’t come, was write a letter to Mason for him to open on his 18th birthday. I was so anxious and wanted to read all of the letters but I didn’t do it. The box is locked and won’t be opened for another 17 years!! Writing this letter was not easy, it brought out a lot of emotions and a lot of memories. This year went by so incredibly fast, I just hope all the others don’t fly by like that. It was also very hard to think about the fact that there is a chance some of those people might not be alive when he turns 18 years old. I hope he will love those letters as much as I think he will.


Overall, we had such a wonderful weekend with our family celebrating Mason turning 1. I defiantly learned my lesson that kids birthday parties are no jokes. If you have ever planned a birthday party, cheers to you! I now understand how much that goes into those parties and it isn’t easy, but it will always be worth it. Up next Christmas!!! I am so excited and just love the Holidays spent making memories. Have a blessed week!










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