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The Collateral Beauty

January 8, 2018

Sometimes you wonder what’s next. Sometimes you wonder why me. Sometimes you even dwell so deep into the past, you don’t allow yourself to progress any further mentally. Sometimes you start to make yourself believe that everything in your life is going bad for you. You might not speak to people in your family, you may not speak to some of your friends anymore, you may have had your feelings hurt by a girl or guy recently, and you just have no idea what to do next anymore. 

All of these thoughts going through your head are only a plethora of mind games you’re playing with yourself. You’re making life seem so hard that you actually believe nothing will ever go right for you. When bad things happen, it hurts, it cuts deep, and you put all of your energy into thinking just that, you don’t even try to really understand what’s going on. Find the collateral beauty in things that didn’t go your way throughout your life. Take the time to notice that every downfall had to start up somewhere.

Building up someone’s self esteem or making someone have the passion for something are two things that will never be able to happen. You have to convert all of that bad energy and self pity into a positive passion for something productive in life. If you feel that you will forever be alone and nobody will ever see the real you or want to get to know the real you, then flip the script. Tell yourself that you will be the most motivated and independent man or woman that don’t need anyone to satisfy your happiness. Your job and goal toward yourself will be to make that happen. Don’t allow yourself to slip up and get sad over something simple. Take those obstacles and turn them into motivation and perseverance. Start a new meal plan, pick up a new hobby, if you already have a degree then go for your Masters. If you already run a mile every morning, then tomorrow morning you need to shoot for a mile and a half. Push yourself, keep your focus on achieving those goals and if you feel yourself starting to fall back into that slump or depressive state, restart your thinking and start climbing back up that ladder. When you were a little kid and you tried the monkey bars for the first time, more than likely many of you fell down after just a few of them. It’s a concept that takes some getting used to, but they’re always going to be there. If you get frustrated or you lose focus and just don’t feel like trying that day, they’ll still be there tomorrow and the next day. So it’s up to you to choose whether or not you want to get back up on those bars. You may get blisters and your arms might get tired, but those are the motivational things you should use to push through to the end. Before you know it, you’re swinging on those bars like it’s nothing. Always start something that you have the full intention of finishing. 

Everything in life is for a purpose. Everything happens just how it was supposed to. It may be hard to wrap your head around at the time, but one day your life will turn around for the better when you least expect it. Always remember, patience is a virtue. And when that moment comes, always remember to notice the collateral beauty. 




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