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A Change in Perspective

January 11, 2018

So I made a list of goals the other day in excitement for a new year (cheers to 2018!).  Among the list, everything kind of came down to the fact that college is ending, real life is beginning, and I am very emotional about it.  In summary of all my goals, I want a new perspective.  As this incredible part of my life is coming to an end, I need a new set of eyes.  Eyes that don’t look at something and see it as my last, but eyes that live in the moment, and make the very best of that moment.  I am constantly surrounded by people that I absolutely adore, at the most special school in the whole wide world, and I’m going through a lot of “lasts” and “finals” until I move onto the next chapter of life that Jesus wrote for me.  Instead of getting upset about something coming to an end, I want to be so thrilled that I GET to experience all the “cool” that I have been so blessed to experience, and make it the best possible.


               So this 2018, I want to love my friends a little harder, dance a little crazier (if that’s even possible), work at something with everything in me, keep a big old smile on my face when I am happy, and scream out in tears if I have to in order to stay sane. Whether it is waking up at 5:30AM every morning for practice, and not getting home until 11PM, or spending a Saturday night downtown with my best friends, I want to live in the moment, because these small moments will be gone before I know it. 


               Heading into my last and final semester as a Hokie has me in tears.  But I am so thankful.  The next 4 months of my life in Blacksburg, Virginia will be all about living in the minute and making the very most the moment God has me in.  I’ll be a little more thankful for freezing cold walks across the drill field, for early alarms, for game nights with friends, for parents that travel all over the country to watch me play the game I love, for failures, for sunsets in the mountains, for late nights of stressful studying, and for the fact that God has allowed me to live such a good life at Virginia Tech. 


               To the seniors graduating in May: let this last semester be your best, be filled with purpose, and lived to the fullest!!




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