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January 31, 2018

Ever since I was younger I’ve always had a passion for music that was hard to explain. It was a love-hate relationship that’s how I knew I really cared. When I created something dope, I was on top of the world. During the times I couldn’t create anything I became frustrated. However the fact that I invested so much energy into music, positive or negative made me realize that I loved it. As a toddler my parents told me I sang songs more than I spoke, which led to me enrolling in performing arts camps, competing in talent shows, performing in showcases, and joining various choral groups. The moral of the story is I kept working and I won’t stop. My sophomore year of college, I had a serious conversation about my goals and aspirations for music with my brother. Soon we developed the movement called “TheTenthMusic”.  TheTenthMusic derives from the written work the “The Talented Tenth” in which I and the other members of the movement Josh Echols (Manager, Executive Producer), DJ ZayCrzy (Dj, Rapper) Malik Johnson (Singer), and James Bazemore (Producer) believe that we can serve as the example for the rest of the culture to follow.  We started releasing music in February of 2017 with the song titled “Miss Melanin” showing appreciation to women of color everywhere. Following the song I released my first project “Coliseum Dreams” and after TheTenthMusic released a joint project “For The Summer”. These projects can be found on platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, SoundCloud etc. Be sure to check it out! I am Jon Echols a Singer/Songwriter from Hampton, Virginia.





If you want to check out Jon's music check out these links!


Apple Music


Miss Melanin Via Soundcloud















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