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April 12, 2018



4 weeks. 28 days. 672 hours. That is the time I have left of being a Hokie.  That is the time I have left until I walk across a stage and grab hold of a piece of paper that was way too expensive.  Compared to the about 212 weeks, 1,484 days, or 35,616 hours I have had here in Blacksburg already.  It is safe to say that this has been an extremely emotional season of life, as I prepare to leave my legacy here, leave relationships that I may never rekindle, and walk that gorgeous drill field for the last time. 


I think about what I have left in me, to give back to the school that has given me so much, and I think about who I came here as 4 years ago, compared to the woman I am now as I prepare to leave 4 years later.  I think about the legacy that I want to leave on this campus within the next 28 days.  What will I be remembered for? Will I be remembered for anything at all?


Sure, I may be remembered as that really tall blonde chick with the big hair, or the girl who was a part of the complete turn around on the Virginia Tech lacrosse team, or the girl that scored a bunch of goals on the lacrosse field, or the girl that ordered too much Dunkin Donuts, or the girl who showed up to class still sweating from practice, or the girl that had the exact same smoothie order every single day, or the girl that probably should have spent more time on the way she looked in the mornings, rather than throwing on the same T-shirt she wore yesterday.   Although all of that is true, I really hope I am remembered for so much more than that.


I hope I am remembered as the girl who worked hard every day at practice to make her teammates better, the girl who would wait to hold the door open for a stranger, the girl who would drop anything to support her friends, the girl that was always sweet to people, the girl who cheered on her teammates more than she cheered on herself, the girl who wasn’t too intimidating to sit next to in class, the girl who smiled a lot, the girl who extended grace when it wasn’t “deserved”, and most importantly, I want to be remembered as the girl who loved Jesus boldly, and lived that out. 


How do you want to be remembered? It’s wild that when things seem to come to an end, all the really important thoughts start coming to mind, the thoughts that I wish had come to me when I was a sophomore or even a junior.  I guess college did make me wiser! 


Next year, I’ll be walking around on a new campus as a nursing student that no one knows. I won’t be the super tall (okay, I’ll still be super tall) girl on the lacrosse team, who is way too involved in different campus activities, who is most likely at Dunkin laughing with all of her gorgeous friends. I’ll have an opportunity to leave another legacy, but this time, I’ll start with that mindset, rather than leave with it, and maybe do a better job of dressing to impress…but hey, I’ll let you know how it goes!


Leaving Virginia Tech will be the hardest thing I may ever have to go through so far (is that like super dramatic?) But I will never stop loving this place and cherishing every one of my 1,512 days I have gotten to spend here! But lets be real, I have way more than 28 days left of being a Hokie…I get to be a Hokie for the rest of my life!


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