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This or That

April 30, 2018

Sometimes it gets so hard to make a decision. It gets so hard to decide what is next. A little kid that is mad at his parents and thinks that his life will never be better than it is now, does he run away or does he stay... A teenage girl who can’t decide on her hair length because of what everyone might think of her, does she cut it or not, keep it brunette or go blonde... For a young twenty year old adult who loves his boyfriend so deeply, but doesn’t want to face the shame from his family and society, does he follow his heart or not... A twenty-two year old who couldn’t make up her mind about what she would do for the rest of her life, left her falling behind for another year in college, does she blame herself for all of the time she wasted or does she subconsciously know she needed that extra time to understand herself more... A girl who wants so badly to have people around her to make others laugh and have them love the company of her, yet she stays in the house all day and night because she can’t seem to find the energy to go, does she suck it up and go out or does she flip over and fall back asleep in her bed, is she literally tired or has she just given up on the thought that her life could be better than the comfort she has in her own self-contained bubble... A struggling college student who is so overwhelmed with school and working every night so he can make money, can’t seem to find the will to get up for his 8:00 a.m. class, does he choose to go so he won’t fail or does he go back to sleep because he just doesn’t see the point anymore... What about a female who has been through so much in her life, never felt loved intimately how she wants, never felt wanted how she wants, never had the best relationship with her family, can’t seem to hold onto her friendships due to pure carelessness of it all, does she let the man love her that is treating her so good and so right or does she shut him out and fall back into her own self-destructing mind... Another woman who doesn’t trust her lover, but doesn’t want to live without him, does she stay because she truly can’t imagine life without him or does she stay because she knows she wouldn’t dare allow herself to open up to someone else like this again... A young man who has always been the goofy guy, the friend, the one that every girl wants their man to be like, the one who nobody expected to have problems, the guy who was cheated on by his ex girlfriend that left him damaged; does he stay faithful because he doesn’t want her to feel the same pain he did or does he just think in the moment because the alcohol is drowning his judgment... A couple who’s fighting because they couldn’t decide on where to eat that night, is she trying to be open-minded in fear of making him angry or is he trying to be the typical public-viewed male who is supposed to go wherever she wants to go just so she can be happy... Is anything truly a simple decision? Is anything painted so blatantly bold that it is either black or white. Is everything a true right or a true wrong decision? A simple action that it may seem from the outside looking in, could be the make or break point for someone. Their minds stay racing with questions whether to go left or right? Him or her? Here or there? Yes or no? Why or why not? One or the other? ... This or that.




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