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CalcKnowledge Mixtape

August 1, 2018


So, as some of you know by now, Tuesday I released my debut 8 track mix tape “CalcKnowledge” on Sound Cloud and Spinrilla. I wanted to take the time to shine a light on why I am doing this and what my music is aiming to accomplish. First, let me start by saying that my music is for everyone. When I say everyone, I truthfully mean from kids to elders. Everyone can listen to “Calcknowledge”. There is NO explicit content, and the message is geared to influence and promote a better world for everyone to share.


I guess I’ll start by telling you how we got to where we are… I decided to make a mix tape to change the message that we normally hear in today’s music industry. In 2018, it is rare that you come across music that is promoting positivity & has good meaning or in some cases a meaning at all. I do believe there are some dope artists out that are aiming to shape the youth and make the world a better place. Unfortunately a lot of the artists today just say they are, but contradict this within the lyrics of their music. The current state of hip-hop is all in one lane in my opinion. Everyone for the most part says the same thing but in a different pitch of tone and words.


On the first track of the tape “Voyage”, I stated “Easiest way to reach the youth is through making songs” and that is one of the main reasons for me making music. Both my message and my goal is what separates my music from the rest of the industry. Through my music, I am trying to get the world to be on board with positive structure. Working towards making this world we share a better place. If every time I turn on the radio I hear negativity what will most people end up indulging in? Like the old cliché “you are who you surround yourself.” The same result can come from the messages coming through your headphones day in and day out.

After making the tape and looking back on it, one of the songs really resonated with me. “Voyage” speaks to me most simply because it explains a lot about both my life and what lead me to music. That being said each song has its own meaning and “gems” about my life and how I got to where I am today. No fillers, no wasted tracks. This is not something you put on to nod along to the beat; this is a piece of work you have to really listen to what I am saying rather than hearing the beat.

What inspired me to make this album was from the kids who are blinded from real world due to the fact everything they hear and see is negative. I want to open a door for them to be able to listen to someone who inspires them to choose the right path. I hope you all enjoy my project and look forward to bringing you more content in the future.




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