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September 11, 2018


Hey, It’s Shannon again!


Just giving everyone a little update from the last time I wrote in June. I stated that I had an opportunity to move from Virginia to Arizona to begin my journey of running professional track. Well I decided to pick up and do just that and I arrived in Arizona on July 28th. A very bold move from someone who had no real idea how things would truly workout out (especially on the financial side). I just knew my calling was to be in Arizona to kick start my dreams of becoming a professional athlete. Fun little fact, I have been trying to move here since 2016, but things just didn’t work out that way until I met my agent back in April.


Okay, so let me tell you how amazing God is and how he answered my prayers... I mentioned how I finally arrived in Arizona July 28th, and the very next day I met with a well-known middle-distance star, Chanelle Price. Chanelle has won USA’s & worlds in the 800m and that right there was something no American has ever done before.  She is running with Altis, which is a professional track club located in Phoenix, AZ. We talked for nearly 3 hours and immediately we knew God made our paths cross one another’s for a reason. Before we met, she told me she prayed for a training partner for this year or she was going to join another team. This was something she deeply did not want to do, because she loved everything about Coach Ricky. We are both very determined to get back into shape, both have a strong passion for God, and we both have a little chip on our shoulders to say the least. We knew we were going to be training partners and weren’t going to stop until it happened (we had to beg my agent after our meeting to come with us to her workout the next morning, which he finally gave in.) Let me just say, my entire plan moving here was to have a consistent training schedule by my agent and his team until I got in enough shape to workout with a professional team, So this was so exciting!


Monday comes and we are walking into the doors of Exos. Any big time athlete knows exactly how exciting it is to be at Exos. It is one of the top gyms when it comes to training and developing all sorts of professional athletes. I met the coaching staff and did a little warmup with Chanelle and Clay (another member of Altis). After the warmup Coach Ricky looked at my Achilles and all I can say now is the rest is history. I have never felt something so right so fast and all it took was taking a huge leap of faith and moving across the country.



A little background on Coach Ricky… He ran in the 2008 Olympics for Great Britain in the 800 (1:45). He also helped coach his wife Lisa Dobriskey in the 2012 London Olympics in the 1500m (3:59 I believe). So I knew this was a perfect fit for me!

This is alredy my sixth week with Altis and let me tell you, I am still on cloud 9. How quick I am adjusting to training after technically taking a year break due to an injury is nothing short of a miracle. I went from barely being able to run 20 minutes at a time, to running 5 days a week and up to as long as an hour. Coach Ricky and the entire Altis team has been everything I’ve EVER prayed for. The fact that God fulfilled my only childhood dream just 2 days of moving here proves that God blesses those who listens to his callings, even when they may not seem right at first. I can now officially call myself a professional athlete. I am living out my childhood dream.


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